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We are a company specializing in Business Applications, Software Distribution and Development in the Asia Pacific region.

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We are focused on delivering solutions across multiple industry segments and expanding their reach in Asia through innovative partnerships

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Human Resources

People First

people first is a complete work ethos and HR platform that enables a better, more productive way of working for everyone. It is designed to improve employee engagement, increase productivity and simplify the way people work.


Ankaa Marine

ankaa marine is a unique digital solution to revolutionise the way seafarer's data is collected, stored, processed and shared in real time within a secure online environment.

People First

Welcome to the Future of Work

People First

A radically different HR Platform & work ethos from anything else in the global HCM today…

Designed to improve employee engagement, drive productivity and simplify the way people work, through a combination of cutting-edge technology and game changing ideas.

Whether it’s simplifying HR tasks, boosting productivity, or enabling collaboration, People First is the driving force behind better, more connected workplaces.


Human Resource

There to support you throughout the entire employee lifecycle, from recruitment to talent management and offboarding.

Talent Management

Provide managers with powerful insights into the morale, performance, and potential of their teams, allowing them to make more proactive and informed decisions.


Real time exportable insights relating directly to your employees work and goals to help you make better business decisions


Create an engaging, social and transparent approach to learning so that your employees can see the investments you are making in them.

Time & Attendance

Real time exportable insights relating directly to your employees work and goals to help you make better business decisions.


Remove the hassle of calculating time off and devolve absence responsibilities from HR to managers and individuals for a stress-free experience.

People First can save your business Time & Money. To know more, read our brochure here.

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ankaa marine

The Unique Mariner Portal

ankaa marine

Revolutionize the way you manage your fleet, crew and their documents.

An innovative digital platform for assisting crew managers and seafarers with certification. It is created to future proof, improve document administration and compliance for the marine industry.

FeaturesFor Employees


Create and update secure digital profile


Upload & store your documents securely and access them anywhere, anytime


Receive certificate expiry alerts ensuring compliance at all times


Track, record & analyze total sea service


Add events, training courses and receive reminders


Receive messages and communication from HR

FeaturesFor HR & Captain

Vessel & Crew Analytics

Rich dashboard with crew status and vessel analytics

IMO Crew List

Produce an IMO format crew list


Receive certificate expiry alerts of employee documents


Send and receive announcements quickly and effortlessly


Maintain vessel group information with seafarers database on those vessels

To know more, download the brochure here.

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Our Service Partner

ankaa marine

Rhipe is a Cloud first, Channel first company. It offers full portfolio of Microsoft cloud licensing options and aggregate licensing models from the world’s leading software vendors.

Talk to Us and discover how we can help you shape your Cloud Services for maximum value with rhipe.

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