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ConnectDott Talent Portal

Better cultural fit and more meaningful engagements

Talent - The most important asset for any company; yet the most difficult to acquire. Screening candidates from a large pool to find the ‘right fit’, remains a huge nightmare for recruiters.

Acquiring the best talent is not just about the skill-fit; it is as much about the personality-fit too. An individual’s core motivations are the primary drivers behind their fitment for a specific job.

The ConnectDott Talent Portal identifies this core motivations of talent and aligns them to the right jobs to get the best ‘Cultural Fit’. Through its unique ability to identify sub-conscious motivations independent of age, gender or ethnicity - ConnectDott’s AI engine combines Skills & Personality in a most effective way to render a holistic identification of Talent.

The Result – A better cultural fit; More meaningful engagements; Higher retention.

ConnectDott UI Dashboard

How Does It Work?

  • ConnectDott's AI engine combines psychology, structured/unstructured social and/or enterprise data, and machine learning to create a holistic profile of workplace talent without asking the subjects a single question!
  • The tool identifies talent’s subconscious core motivations independent of facial expressions, age, gender, culture, or ethnicity, offering unbiased personality insights in an actionable report
  • With this insight, recruiters & hiring managers are able to (1) identify and hire the best cultural fit, (2) craft more meaningful engagements through customization, and (3) align talent with the right internal opportunities to ensure retention
ConnectDott Talent Portal - How It Works?


Smarter Hiring - Refined Candidate List

Refined Candidate List

Smarter Hiring - Insights Into Talent

Insights Into Talent



The Personality DNA Company

HR professionals have a lot on their plate. From evaluating new hires to managing existing employees, there are numerous personalities to oversee and multiple people to coordinate. dotin’s PerFit-HR solutions help source and screen applicants without bias, using artificial intelligence to improve matches between employers and employees and enhance workforce development. Recognized for their real-time ability to leverage cognitive and skill insights in the workplace, dotin is making a tangible impact in the way HR professionals find talent, engage teams, and manage business growth.

Dotin How It Works

PerFit-HR is accurate, universal, and unbiased, thanks to the robust machine learning and sophisticated artificial intelligence that powers it. Colour theory and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are the two major principles upon which the solutions are built, along with realizing subconscious psychological functioning. These models are devoid of subjectivity like gender, race, ethnicity, facial expressions etc, and therefore deliver accurate and bias-free outcomes.


Cloud-based Human Capital Management

Infor HCM's powerful set of cloud-based human capital management software solutions replaces complex processes, workflows, and systems with sophisticated, yet intuitive technology, empowering your HR professionals to deliver streamlined workforce processes and remarkable experiences.

Infor Global Human Resources

Global Human Resources

  • Organizational and person structure
  • Budgeting and employee relations
  • Benefits, absence & time entry
Infor Talent Management

Talent Management

  • Predictive talent science
  • Talent acquisition & onboarding
  • Compensation, goals & performance
Infor HR Service Delivery

HR Service Delivery

  • Personalised knowledge base portal
  • Case management system
Infor Add-On Bundles

Add-On Bundles

  • Payroll
  • Workforce management
  • HCM analytics

Digitize your Workforce

Workforce digitization is a critical business initiative that will only become more important as we combat a new era of uncertainty and rapid change.

Optimize every aspect of labour management and productivity with Infor® Workforce Management (WFM), which offers end-to-end visibility to help you stay ahead of your global workforce.

Time and Attendance

  • Automatically track attendance
  • Real-time pay categorization
  • Manage employee time-off
  • Track people’s time and location

Workforce Scheduling

  • Leverage demand-driven scheduling
  • Manage scheduling operations centrally
  • Scientifically optimized schedule generation
  • Empower your people

Labour Planning & Forecasting

  • Automate labour demand planning
  • What-if scenario modelling
  • Hyper-accurate labour workload forecast
  • Workload management through AI

Management & Productivity

  • Bridge the gap between human and machine
  • Build a more agile workforce
  • Transform with real-time analytics

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