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ConnectDott Talent Portal

Better cultural fit and more meaningful engagements

Talent - The most important asset for any company; yet the most difficult to acquire. Screening candidates from a large pool to find the ‘right fit’, remains a huge nightmare for recruiters.

Acquiring the best talent is not just about the skill-fit; it is as much about the personality-fit too. An individual’s core motivations are the primary drivers behind their fitment for a specific job.

The ConnectDott Talent Portal identifies this core motivations of talent and aligns them to the right jobs to get the best ‘Cultural Fit’. Through its unique ability to identify sub-conscious motivations independent of age, gender or ethnicity - ConnectDott’s AI engine combines Skills & Personality in a most effective way to render a holistic identification of Talent.

The Result – A better cultural fit; More meaningful engagements; Higher retention.

ConnectDott UI Dashboard

How Does It Work?

  • ConnectDott's AI engine combines psychology, structured/unstructured social and/or enterprise data, and machine learning to create a holistic profile of workplace talent without asking the subjects a single question!
  • The tool identifies talent’s subconscious core motivations independent of facial expressions, age, gender, culture, or ethnicity, offering unbiased personality insights in an actionable report
  • With this insight, recruiters & hiring managers are able to (1) identify and hire the best cultural fit, (2) craft more meaningful engagements through customization, and (3) align talent with the right internal opportunities to ensure retention
ConnectDott Talent Portal - How It Works?


Smarter Hiring - Refined Candidate List

Refined Candidate List

Smarter Hiring - Insights Into Talent

Insights Into Talent



Freshworks makes it fast and easy for businesses to delight their customers and employees.

We do this by taking a fresh approach to building and delivering software-as-a-service that’s affordable, quick to implement, and designed for the end-user. Unlike legacy software, Freshworks builds tech that works for everyone, making it easy for IT, customer service, sales, marketers and HR to do their job and delight their customers. More than 50,000 companies use Freshworks’ SaaS to enable a better customer experience (CX, CRM) and employee experience (ITSM, HRSM).


Right-size your IT service management without skipping a beat. Your employees (and CFO) will thank you.

FreshService - Rapid eSuite
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Scale support experiences without scaling costs

FreshDesk - Rapid eSuite
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ZingHR is an Employee-Centric HR Cloud Platform For Hire to ReHire.

ZingHR empowers people and businesses to Transcend from Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to Tangible Business Outcomes (TBO)

ZingHR Hire To Rehire Platform

The Outcomation™ Platform that delivers Tangible Business Outcomes (TBO)

ZingHR - The Outcomation™ Platform that delivers Tangible Business Outcomes (TBO)

Transcending From Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to Tangible Business Outcomes (TBO)

ZingHR - Transcending From Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to Tangible Business Outcomes (TBO)
ZingHR - Candidate Journey
ZingHR - Employee Core Journey

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